World Faves


International cooking is on of my faves! One of the most wonderful experiences about travel, next to meeting amazing people, is tasting food from the nations… in all it’s diversity! From blood sausage in Estonia to chicken foot soup in Thailand, boy have I had an eating adventure. So, if I’m not tempting you yet, how about the curries of Asia followed by the pastries of Europe? Now, we are talking!

Well, it’s one thing to be able to taste them and remember what you had, but far better if you can bring your favorites home to your own kitchen! Sometime it takes just a few modifications to fit your own personal preferences and your family and friends can travel back to your favorite places right from their plates.

For me, it all started back in Estonia in 1995. Russ & I moved there to help a very precious couple with a work they were doing in Tallin. Estonia is an amazing country and, especially back then when they had just recently become a free country, the grocery stores were quite an experience. I can remember my first trip to the one near our home. I didn’t see much that was familiar! No box mixes or canned soups… now, what was I to do!

Well, I had to learn what to do with a chicken. I tackled how to make soups from scratch and, especially since I was often entertaining guests, I had no choice but to dive in. I guess you could say I came up swimming and have loved cooking every since. I think, for me, I simply enjoy how a home cooked meal makes a person feel. Then, there is the fellowship that follows a gathering around your table that sparks memories forever!


Recipes Coming Soon!