Sweet Spot


What is it about dessert? My husband would rather just have another piece of meat, but not me! I could give up my meal entirely, just to have something sweet! When we lived in Barcelona, Spain, our flat was right on top of a bakery. I don’t know if it was torture, a blessing, or both! Oh, the smell of fresh baked danishes full of berries or chocolate eclairs with whipped cream… mmm! From my husband’s grandma, GiGi, I have gathered his favorite southern recipes. Oh, my! Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and light oil, we are baking with the real stuff here and it is delicious. Pecan Pie, Banana Pudding & Southern Pound Cake, all from GiGi’s kitchen and now part of our family traditions too. It was also in Europe that I fell in love with coffee. After all, what is a good dessert without a cup of coffee? My friends like to come to our house for a cup, because I drag out all the fixings… all the time. You know, heavy cream (ok, sometimes I go for 1/2 & 1/2), Reddi Whip, brown sugar and of course cinnamon for the top! If I want to really get Spanish, I make the coffee real strong and then fill half the cup with warm milk. Try it sometime, you’ll feel like you are in a little cafe someplace having a moment all your own!