Soup’s On


Soups on! Is there anything like a bowl of warm soup when you come in from the cold? Is there anything like the smell of soup simmering all afternoon? No, it has to be one of the best smells there is… ahhh, comfort food. I think I found my love of soup making from my father, believe it or not! He use to always make soup. Well, we called it refrigerator leftovers. Anything that remained in our fridge, would eventually be turned into some form of soup. It was just the best! Just this week we were making the Moroccan lentil & mom teared up… smelled like dad cooking soup again:) I’m thankful to carry on that tradition for my family. Life can be so busy, but nothing takes the place or says family time to me like a big pot of soup. You’d be surprised, some of these recipes are so quick, like Creamy Tomato Bisque & Glass Ranch Minestrone. Others take awhile, but worth every moment. Best of all, it fills up tummies & warms up hearts!