Hungry Man


A big hearty meal, well it really is something that most every man appreciates.  One of my favorite things in life is calling the family for dinner and watching my husbands eyes light up when it’s a good ‘ole guy meal!I totally get that we live in a modern society, one quiet different from the way it was when my Grandma was gathering chicken eggs for breakfast and milking the family cow.  Yet, somehow, I feel we’ve gone a little too far away from the way God intended. There is something so special about sitting down at the table as a family and truly enjoying a meal together.  I know, we’ve all gotten so busy, but it’s a time that I challenge you to carve out of your day.  My father never let a T.V. be playing at meal time and we all gathered around naturally sharing about our day.  That is something we’ve carried into our family as well.


When it’s all wrapped up, I always know I’ll hear a big, “thank you!”  I always know that my heart will be the warmest of all and that like Prov 31 says, I am worth more than rubies in my home:)