Down Home

Down home! Well, there is just nothing like it! What is down home for one is different for another, but it all equals up to your favorite comfort foods.For me, it’s beef stew and chicken ‘n noodles. I like anything that cooks a long time on the stove and fills up my home with all those wonderful smells. As a little girl my Grandma use to always have a batch of noodles going on the kitchen table. I’ll never forget all the little snitches of dough and the smell of fresh baked pie.I married my southern sweetheart & was also introduced to all the wonders of the south! I’ll never forget my first low country boil and all the desserts that followed.  Gravy was especially my husbands favorite which I finally conquered. Then I fell in love with rice and tomatoes, and even learned to enjoy collard greens!As fall roles around, you’ll have to come back and experience all my favorite soups and stews. Don’t forget to stop by the main page for cooking and send me your favorite down home recipes too!