Make Room

            My home church declared a 21-day fast at the beginning of the New Year. Let me just say I have discovered a few things about myself over the last couple of weeks. One, my flesh is very strong (even now I want a cup of coffee to sip on while I write). Two, I have realized how much time I wasted scrolling on social media. Three, I haven’t spent as much time in prayer and reading His word as I thought I had been. Now that the distractions have been removed I have been able to get down to the nitty-gritty of myself. There is something about setting oneself apart and denying the flesh that will reveal things that need to be changed. Thank God for his mercy.

One of the things I did at the beginning of the fast was ask the Lord, “What do you require of me?” and I heard him say, “Make room.” Two simple words, words that have stung my heart and evoked a desire to clean out the cobwebs that have collected there…to move things out and rearrange the furniture of my heart so to speak. The definition of “make room” is to move aside or move something aside to allow someone to enter or pass or to clear space for something.  

I am reminded of the story of the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:8-36. This is one of my favorite stories of the Bible for many reasons, but today I want to focus in on those two words “make room”. It says this woman was rich and influential. That tells me she was most likely a busy woman in her home and community. However, she recognized the anointing on Elisha the prophet and made room for him. Stopping her daily routine to prepare a place for him required something of her. I am sure it required time, money, and effort to create a space for him in their home. Making room for the prophet created an atmosphere of faith in the anointing he carried so that in her time of great need it was available for her to draw upon. She trusted in the anointing Elisha carried because she had spent time in the presence of that anointing. She opened the door to the miraculous when she made room.  

What the Lord has shown me is that I need to increase my daily time in His presence, worshipping, reading His word, praying, and recognizing my desperate need of His grace in every area of my life. Specifically, the need to set time apart just for Him each day has resonated in my heart. I realize I can practice His presence all day long, which I do, but I need a specific set alone time every day (not just here and there…a more consistent time) to fill my heart with His promises and commune with Him at a deeper level. Making room even when it doesn’t fit into my schedule. Making room for Him in my relationships and in every area of my life. By making room for the Anointed One and His anointing, my faith will be strengthened so that, like the Shunammite woman, I can draw upon that anointing to overcome any obstacle the enemy may throw at me.

How are you making room for Him in your life? Lets choose to open the door of our hearts to the miraculous by making room for Him. He longs to dwell there.

Brooke Glass