I love recipes! I love collecting them, trying them and perfecting them to suit my family’s taste buds. So when I stumbled on what looked like a great meatloaf recipe a few years ago, I tried it out. My family loved it so much that it was often requested that I bring it to family get-togethers. When people would ask me for the recipe, I was always willing to share it. The problem was that whoever I gave the recipe to would always tell me later that no matter how hard they tried, they could never get their meatloaf to taste like mine. I would laugh and tell them it was the love I added, but I always wondered why.

Fast forward to the day a few months ago when my oldest daughter asked if I was going to create a recipe book for her to take with her when she headed off to college in a couple of years. What a wonderful idea! A few days later, I pulled out my meatloaf recipe and thought it would be the perfect one to start with. To my surprise, as I began to look at the recipe, I realized I no longer made my meatloaf that way anymore. What?! I couldn’t believe how many changes I had made to the original recipe. Although each time the recipe got better and my family loved it even more as time went on, that wasn’t helping the people I had been giving the original recipe to. That day I collected the ingredients and took the time make the meatloaf and write down the RIGHT recipe. Soon I had my daughter try the new recipe out on her own and to the wonder and amazement of all… it tasted just like Mom’s meatloaf! 

Why all the fuss about a meatloaf recipe? It may sound funny, but the Holy Spirit used that recipe to teach me a lesson about life and about helping others. For years I gave people the wrong recipe, and we couldn’t figure out why they weren’t getting the same results that I was. When you’re dealing with meatloaf, that’s not a big deal at all, but when you’re dealing with life it’s a VERY big deal.

Psalm 34:8 tells the world to “Taste and see that the Lord is good….” How do they do that? I believe one way is through tasting God’s goodness through the lives of those who are full of Him. Every day as believers, people are “tasting” our lives and longing for the recipe … the recipe for hope in the midst of chaos … the recipe to save their marriage … the recipe to find healing for their child… the recipe to just get through another day. That’s the stuff real life is made of for most people, and opinions, trends and talk show advice isn’t ever going to answer the real problems and condition of their broken hearts. 

The good news is that we have the answer! How wonderful that we have just the right recipe for those around us that NEVER changes – God’s amazing, powerful, living, unchanging Word! When we are bold enough to share the recipe of God’s Word with others and add that special dose of love we put into the meals around our family table, we have the opportunity to change a life forever. Let’s all continue to believe together for daily opportunities to plant the incorruptible seed of God’s Word into someone’s heart and share this beautiful, delicious life with all who will receive it!!

All for Him,

Debbie Beck

P.S. I shared the RIGHT meatloaf recipe on the site as well. ENJOY!!