Happy with Me

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” I’m a girl who loves, loves, loves quotes. So much can be expressed in just one quote. Quotes can reveal our personalities and how we live.Today, my heart was ‘somersault happy’ because I had the privilege of ministering to a tween (not a teenager yet, but close, in-between). I was delightfully surprised with a quote that came up out of my heart for her, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” She broke into tears as this word was being spoken into her life, confirming the truth that God had already been personally speaking to her about for some time. ~ Be yourself ~

Bit by bit, first inside, then out, God was intentional in putting her together. He was intentional when He put us together. He has approached even the smallest detail with excellence, yes, with excellence. When He picked our lips, nose, ears, eyes, hair texture, skin, even the shape of our toes, He saw His artisanship as FABULOUS and BREATHTAKING. Say this with me: I confess Thee, because with wonders I, _______________ (your name) have been distinguished. Wonderful are thy works, And MY SOUL IS KNOWING IT WELL. (Psalms 139, YLT)

Can I share a personal secret of mine? Get ready to get a laugh for the day out of this. When I first sensed a calling on my life and I started ministering, nervous as can be, I was weaving my way through teaching – preaching trying to be JUST LIKE my husband. Now, if anyone knows a tad bit about my husband……..Needless to say, BIG mistake! After several attempts, I thought, I’ll never do that again. What was I thinking? I was devaluing my own significance. I was trying to be somebody that I was not. God needed me to be me, because my husband was already taken. You and I have been distinguished, detail by detail and He promised He will favorably strengthen us to accomplish whatever it is He has set for us to accomplish. Today I can say, I’m ‘Happy with Me’. I’m happy with my personality. I’m happy with my laugh. I’m happy with my toes. I’m happy with my curves. I’m happy with the way God uses me. I’m happy with life. God needed me to be me, so that I could be all that I was meant to be.

Being different, being unique, being beautiful just the way you are is the best way to be. Will you just allow yourself to be yourself today? Will you just allow yourself to take a moment and thank him for making you so wonderfully complex? Yes, ladies, we’re complex, but it’s a wonderful thing! It is one of the great gifts of life. I’m ‘Happy with Me.’

‘The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, or the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair’ ~ (Audrey Hepburn). I’d like to add a personal line … the true beauty of a woman is being authentically and uniquely herself, no counterfeits. I’m ‘Happy with Me.’

Squeeze yourself tight today and say, “I’m Happy with Me” and “God is Happy with Me”. He’s Wonderfully happy with Me!

Take a moment today, send a text to a girlfriend and encourage them: ’Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

You are loved,
Mary McIver ~