A simple punch for any occasion!  We made it on the fly at my mom’s bridal shower and it was just delightful. It’s Arnold Palmer Iced Tea turned punch! 

Arnold Palmer
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  1. 1 gallon sweet tea
  2. 1 frozen lemonade concentrate
  3. 1 quart water (or more)
  4. 1 quart crushed ice
  5. 2 sliced limes
  6. 2 slices lemons
  7. 2 sliced oranges
  1. Simply pour in 1 gallon of sweet ice tea, which at this point you can easily substitute sweetner of your choice. Then, add one can of frozen lemonade concentrate and blend until melted. Next, pour in the water, ice and fruit slices.
  2. You can also please guests that are simply water drinkers at the same time. Just use the same fruit slice, crushed ice & water.
  3. Both are fruity, fun & refreshing!
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