Yesterday was the perfect day. Everything went right. I did my devotions. Everyone got to school on time. Work was great and very productive. My computer didn’t act up. The lipstick stain came out of the dress I wanted to wear for our couples’ banquet for church that night. When the kids got home from school, everyone was peaceful and got along, and I even had one whole hour – without interruption – to get ready for the banquet. My husband and I had an amazing time together and enjoyed our fellowship with the other couples. When we got home, we did our family devotions and everyone happily went off to bed. It was the perfectly scheduled, perfectly executed, perfectly tamed day. 

How I WISH everyday was as easy as that day! 🙂 Although I love my life and wouldn’t change a single thing (other than making myself go to the gym more, lol…I’ll get there!), I often feel like a circus performer.

The Juggler – juggling marriage, kids, ministry, shopping, cooking, homework help, fashion consulting, teen counseling, etc., etc… (hats off to you homeschool moms…that’s another whole level of circus fun!!)

The Tightrope Walker – balancing my time with God, my husband and girls, and the rest of my family and friends.

The Lion Tamer – fighting the good fight of faith to conquer challenges and darts the enemy sends my way. 

The Acrobat – staying flexible and bending every which way to successfully navigate an often hectic schedule. 

That’s one perspective of the busy life we as ladies often lead, but there’s one thing we can’t forget…no matter how perfect or seemingly crazy the day – the circus is known as The Greatest Show On Earth! I remember many years ago taking my sweet niece Jada to the circus when she was about 4 years old. As soon as we arrived she started yelling – “Is this it?! Is this the circus?!!” The rest is a blur of wonder, laughter and lots of popcorn and cotton candy! It was the best night ever! The performers were amazing. And you know what? So are we! Of course this isn’t a performance…a woman’s life is the real deal! So how do we handle the “circus days” in life?

By trusting in the one who gave us this wonderful, crazy life! He promises us in Philippians 1:6 that He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it. He tells us in Romans 8:28 that if we keep believing and trusting in Him, everything is going to work out for our good. He assures us in Psalm 23 that no matter what it looks like or what we’re walking through…our ultimate destination is still waters and green pastures. 

So what do we do when our day feels like a circus? When we run late…when the computer acts up…when everyone isn’t getting along…when there’s no date night on the schedule? Grab some popcorn (or a cup of coffee), laugh at the devil because you KNOW you’re going to make it, and then sit back and enjoy the show! 

From our circus to yours,

Debbie Beck