Brooke Glass

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I am married to my beloved and best friend, Robert. I have three amazing children Riley, Rachel, and Ben. God has truly blessed me. I am living a life I couldn’t even dream of… Isn’t that just the way our sweet Heavenly Father works?
Brooke and her family live on a beautiful ranch in Texas.

A Day at the Circus

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Yesterday was the perfect day. Everything went right. I did my devotions. Everyone got to school on time. Work was great and very productive. My computer didn’t act up. The lipstick stain came out of the dress I wanted to wear for our couples’ banquet for church that night. 
It's Girl Time Recipes

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It’s Girl Time!!  Need some ideas for a get together with you friends?  Having a tea party?  Check out these girly recipes here!



Not Today Devil

Not Today Devil

Not Today, Devil! As a woman, wife, mother, and minister I’ve painfully learned how important it is to discern who to give attention to and when. Have you ever been doing really good in your walk with the Lord, praying more and loving it, “We’re going...

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Apple Butter

Banana Pecan Waffles

Stuffed Strawberries

Arnold Palmer