Debbie Beck

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I am married to one of the best guys on the planet – Patrick Beck.  We are the proud parents of 5 beautiful girls brought into our lives through the miracle of adoption.

A Day at the Circus

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Yesterday was the perfect day. Everything went right. I did my devotions. Everyone got to school on time. Work was great and very productive. My computer didn’t act up. The lipstick stain came out of the dress I wanted to wear for our couples’ banquet for church that night. 

It's Girl Time Recipes

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It’s Girl Time!!  Need some ideas for a get together with you friends?  Having a tea party?  Check out these girly recipes here!



Embracing Change

Embracing Change

 Anyone who knows me very well knows I am resistant to change. I have been driving the same car for ten years. We were at our last church for 16 years and we have been at our current one for more than seven years. No one can accuse us of being church... read more
A Letter to Myself a Year Ago

A Letter to Myself a Year Ago

The Lord has laid out plans for you and He has every intention of pouring out blessings upon you, but if you are not seeking Him, it will be hard for Him to do so. It’s just like any good relationship. You get what you give. So, seek Him fully, and He will surely reveal His plans for you…and let me tell ya, they are good.

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Mango Salsa

French Bread Pizza

Creme Brûlée


Low Country Crawfish Boil